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      August 10, 2006



      I just wanted to thank you for creating such an amazing family planner. I have been a BusyBodyBook customer since 2005 (I think when you first created the book) and love the weekly grid system.

      I use three columns for my kids and the two other columns for myself and husband. I don't leave the home without it!

      I like the added features of the extra pocket and the shopping list. If I think of anymore features to add, I will post here.

      Again, thank you! I really am a big fan....



      I bought my first Busy Body Book last year, and it has been a great tool. I tried an electronic PDA, but lost all my data when the harddrive crapped out unexpectedly and I hadn't backed it up. This book is awesome--fits in my purse, but has room to write down all of my family's important info. Thanks for creating it.

      My only suggestion is a few more pages and bigger spaces in back for contact info--I'm constantly writing numbers back there so I don't lose them.

      Any plans for an electronic version? I could see that being a big hit.

      I'll mention you on my blog, now that I know you're here!


      Thank you for your suggestion and the mention on your blog. When information about BusyBodyBook (or our blog) goes up on your site, please let me know through the comment section. I will make sure that we add it to our blogroll "Shout Out, Blogs That Mention BusyBodyBook".

      ... and again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

      Joan Goldner


      As a single, childless (unless you count my mutts and horses)woman, you may see me as the least likely candidate for the BusyBodyBook.

      But - the big BUT...that does not negate the fact that I keep track of a personal calendar, a primary business calendar and a part-time business see entreprenuers run in our family...Joan is my favorite Aunt!

      So in forwarding emails about the BusyBodyBook to all my friends with families, I am very excited to report the fantastic feedback I get...even my sister-in-law...a PDA junkie, uses the BusyBodyBook to make sure her nanny knows which kid is going where and when...with three to keep track of you can imagine the chaos!

      Anyone who knows my Aunt Joan knows she has poured her heart and soul into this product and it's success is truely a testimate to a little know how and a lot of elbow grease!

      If you want to be organized, no matter whether you have kids or not, grab a BusyBodyBook and start keeping track of your life! You will wonder how you lived without it...hey Aunt about a cell phone pocket?


      Michelle, Thanks so much for all of your wonderful words and all of your understanding - sorry I haven't returned last week's phone call.
      FYI - my "Best Aunt" status may cause some problems with your other 3 - think I'll reserve my "Best Niece" accolades for a more private venue - my other 4 may be reading!
      Cell phone pocket - hmmmm - I'll have to consult with my "staff".

      Her Bad Mother

      What I would like to see - a Busy Baby Book, with more room for keeping track of all of the details of a newborn's (and later baby's) life (that is, poos and feedings and hours sleeping, etc.

      I love my BusyBodyBook, but I still have needed a separate book to keep track of such details for my baby (apart from scheduled activities), and keeping two such books gets a bit complicated...


      Hi Joan.

      I first want to let you know that I think this is one of the best and most useful family planners I have ever used. Actually, it IS the best planner.

      I would like to see more room for addresses and phone numbers, as well as shopping lists next to the Toodles. I know this is in the back of the book, but I would love to have it next to the week that I am coordinating.

      Again, this is a great product! Love the pictures of the families, too.

      Ariane Benefit from Neat Living

      Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! As a professional organizer, I do recommend your planner to my clients, and I will definitely feature you in my blog! I hope you will also add the Neat Living Blog to your list of Shout Outs or Organizing Related Blogs. BTW, if you get a Feedblitz account people can sign up to get your posts by email!



      I just received my book a couple of days ago and it is great! I love everything about it, including the reminders you add as a special touch (ie, change the batteries on the smoke detectors, etc).

      If I were to make one change it would be to have a To Doodles page for every week. I love the 3 month calendars, but I'm already loving the to do list and blank space next to each week and I'll miss that when there is a new month. Obviously to do this, you would need to add an opposing page to the 3 month calendar, so I was thinking about what I would use this for (I'm sure there are plenty of other ideas out there!). I usually keep a master to do/project list of things that don't necessarily have to be done urgently, but I don't want to forget (for example, scrapbooks I'm working on). Anyway, that is my only suggestion.

      Keep up the excellent work. I'm telling all my friends about it!!


      I have been using the Busy Body Book for at least 3 years and I LOVE a mother of 4 boys, 3 in soccer/piano/drums/etc (youngest too young yet!!) and very active socially myself, I have found it the only way to maintain some sense of sanity and order. The only thing I would like to see changed is the size. I would LOVE to fit it into my daytimer so that I have all my addresses and etc PLUS my BBB all in ONE place. It would need to be shrunk just a small bit to fit. That would make it PERFECT for me.!!!!

      THANK YOU so much for coming up with this!!!


      I LOVE this book! As a mom of 6 year old triplets that are starting school this year it has been invaluable so far! The only suggestion I have is that you put the month name down the right hand side of the page - I did this myself and it makes it so much easier when flipping ahead to schedule something. Also, maybe some sort of clip to put on the current week's page as I have found the page divider keeps falling out. I love this book so much that I used it as a fundraiser for my triplet group!
      Can't wait to see next year's book!!


      I just got my first Busy Body Book and love it!!!!! I would just suggest maybe one or two other cover options. I personally wouldn't change anything on the inside. Thank you so much for helping me organize my household!!

      Daryl Briefer-Ericson


      I was given this organizer as a gift two years ago. I have 3 children and I am a professional working mom.
      I am on my second organizer and it has been helping me keep on target with everyones schedule. (It keeps me semi-sane!) If it's not in my BBB then I did not make an appointment.
      I have made my own home made grids that I put on my cabinets in my kitchen basically imitating this fabulous BBB organizer using it for my childrens and my schedules! So that is clear for them to see what is going on. (Can you come up with a bigger,erasible board with this grid. I would be the first to purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      From being the least organized person in this world I feel at least more organized. I put phone numbers of doctors information even concerning notes for work. My holy bible I call it. The kids think I am nuts. Anyway thank you so much.


      Joan, Your BBB is wonderful! I recommend it frequently to my clients. As an ADD coach & professional organizer I often have to help my clients find "out of the box" time & schedule management solutions. The BBB has been wonderful for Moms looking to schedule their kids & families along with themselves. For busy kids who need to keep track of homework assignments and after school activities. It's been wonderful for busy executivies (Moms & Dads!) who need to keep track of various projects both on & off the job.

      Thank you for creating & pouring your heart & soul into this wonderful tool!


      Tracy Harper

      I love the BBB! I just started using it for the first time this school year. My only suggestions would be to have the date column that's on the left hand side in front of the grid, also on the right hand side after the grid. That way, you can see the dates when you're flipping the pages. Also, a todoodle page for the weeks that start a new month. They sort of get replaced with the 3-month calendar page. I also noticed on previous editions, there were little flag stickers for important stuff. What happened to those? Stickers is another thing that would add color and pizzazz to the calendar (doctor appt., birthday, anniversary, vacation, party, etc.) that you can stick in the squares for those special/important events. Keep up the good work!


      I just LOVE this book, so simple, yet so priceless! With a quick and easy look each morning, we all know where we need to be! Do you have a wallet size version?

      Laurel Wreath

      Check my blog on Wednesday, I give you a great plug =))


      Thank you so much for creating this book. I originally heard about this organizer through CraigsList (years ago) and now we are on our third planner. We actually have three planners -- one for me and one for each of my daughters.

      The girls each use their OWN BBB to write down their chores, homework, playdates and then use the rest of their space to journal their days. It actually acts as a diary. Which leads me to my suggestion - why don't you leave some space for journaling. I know that this could be in the toodle section, but we use that to write notes for that week.

      Other than that, I love this product. I tell all my friends about my addiction to busy body book.

      Thanks for creating and sharing with all the busy parents.


      This is my second BBB and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! As I mentioned to Joan earlier in the year, perfection (used loosely) would be some type of binder that the BBB would fit into - like a dayplanner cover, I can tell that my pockets are in for a rough ride. I keep all my bills,and doctors slips anything that might be needed from day to day in those pockets.

      I have already documented all school closings and holidays, using colored pens and hi-liters keeps things fun. My daughter gets a kick out of seeing all the stuff in her columns. As a family of 3, we use the 2 extra columns for "the boys" our dogs and the other to note when bills are due or when to change the furnace filters.

      Joan, keep up the awesome work.


      Georgette Gilmore

      I have been using these organizers from the beginning. I ordered my first one after having my daughter four and a half years ago and I haven't stopped. I now have two daughters and am an independent seller of children's books and I couldn't keep my family and business running smoothly without it.

      Great job Joan!

      Georgette Gilmore
      Barefoot Books Montclair

      Mary Pat Headley

      I love the wall calendar.. BUT.. I'd like to see one from January - December as an option. I've purchased the Aug - Dec for the last couple years but each year I waste the pages from Aug to Dec because I only need January - December.. Please consider a Jan - December wall calendar

      Kim Boivin

      I will say, I just received my Busy Body Book and I LOVE it. I have one recommendation for future calendars. Writing the family's name in every week gives me writers cramp :) Could you do some sort of cut out for the name section so you write them once and can flip the pages independently from the names?


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